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Why Art?


The many benefits of art:

Encourage creative thinking

Promote problem-solving

Improve fine motor skills

Boost self-esteem

Create sense of accomplishment

Develop observational skills

Improve focus

Encourage self-expression

It's fun!

The Drawing Connection's


Everyone is an artist. I have worked with both children and adults who thought they could not draw. After learning a few basic drawing techniques, they were amazed at what they could create! 

The process is more important than the product. Learning a new skill takes patience and often a sense of humor! The goal is to take pride in your accomplishments as you learn. 

The focus is on building on each lesson as part of an overall curriculum. Each class is designed to teach a set of learning objectives and each builds on the previous classes.

Creating a basic drawing foundation is the place to start. A structured guided drawing process teaches you how to "see to draw" while encouraging your personal expression and creativity. Once you have developed a foundation of basic drawing skills, you can apply it to any art!

"The important thing is to create." Pablo Picasso

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